Personal Sessions

We offer one on one sessions to childern, teens, and adults.  If you or someone you love is struggling, call us for an appointment and we can tell you how the ranch can help. 586-484-7178

October Events!

June Events!

Brunch with the Ducks!

Starts June 10th, 2023 !!!

Brunch with the ducks is by appointment only:Come have brunch in our butterfly garden with our four little waddlers. Watch them swim in our pond as you enjoy delicious homemade food served on Grandma's china.If you feel your kids will not do well with china just request picnic wear instead.
Cost: One adult and one child - $30Extra child - $5Extra adult - $ 25
We cannot accommodate groups larger than 4 at a time.Please call the ranch office for appointment.586-484-7178
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July Events!

Heavenly Horse Time

Starts June 10th, 2023 !!!

Tuesdays from 6:30 - 7:30

If you can't get enough of horses, we have turned our horse session into a 4-week program.

Week 1 July 11 - Brush Therapy - Horses not only like being brushed but they need it. Come find out how and why and gain a greater understanding of horsie language.

Week 2 July 18 - Take Care of Me - Horses are big animals, but they can only eat certain things. This week you will learn how to care for a horse and do a taste test with our girls.

Week 3 July 25- Groom and Glam - Learn the stories of our rescued horses. Make rhythm beads as a gift you give to our horses and one for you to take home.

Week 4 August 1 - Color Me Happy - Our horses love attention. In this final week you will paint the horses and color them happy.

This program is for kids 5-12 years old. they will receive an apron with the ranch logo on it and earn feathers each week as they work through the program.

Cost: $60

All of our programs are free to foster and adopted children and families in need. 

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